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Opt for our eco-friendly disposable tableware to preserve the environment

Plastic crockery is an invitation to all the catering trades. From fast-food restaurants to large receptions and take-away sales, our range of disposable tableware meets all your needs. We offer ecological solutions so that you can adopt an eco-responsible approach. Discover our plates, cutlery, cups and all our utensils in different materials and colours to meet your expectations in every respect.


What are the different options for the environment?

Single-use plastic is a toxic material whose use has been denounced for several years. This is why it is now banned from sale. Plastic is the main cause of ecosystem destruction and accounts for a large proportion of the harmful waste dumped into forests and oceans. It is a threat to living beings, in particular because it does not decompose.

To alleviate the concerns of professionals in the food industry, we currently offer a range of new generation disposable tableware. Made of plastic, pulp, palm or wood, it includes a wide variety of reusable and recyclable products at discount prices. If you wish to enjoy all the practical advantages of plastic tableware and preserve the quality of your food products, our items will satisfy you in every respect.


Offer your meal trays to companies with our reusable plastic plate and eco-friendly cutlery. There's nothing like eating a good lunch in total respect for the environment. It is also a way to enhance your brand image. Choosing to go green is therefore a great advantage.


What are the practical advantages of plastic tableware?

When we talk about plastic tableware, we immediately have this image of transparent plastic plates or poor-quality white plastic plates that have been used for decades for picnics and family gatherings. But rest assured, the disposable dishes we offer are of high quality. They come in a variety of shapes and colours to meet all your needs.


Indeed, our disposable plates and disposable cutlery find their perfect place in any table art. Complemented by a range of glasses and champagne flutes, your decoration will amaze your guests. Square, round or oval plates, there is something for every taste and budget.


To limit waste, we also provide you with reusable rigid plastic tableware. This solution reduces the amount of harmful waste. As the all-disposable is the main enemy of the environment, a product that can be washed and reused several times is perfectly in line with an ecological approach. What's more, being very resistant, this crockery is not likely to break. So, you won't have to worry about paying back the missing pieces by renting porcelain dishes. From now on, all you have to do is order our plastic tableware for your birthdays or your wedding.


Finally, there is the option of personalisation. Know that you can perfectly transform your assortment of plastic cups and glasses into advertising media. Personalised to your image, they will boost your brand and extend your influence. You will indeed have plenty of advertising space to promote your food products.


An increasingly ecological solution

In addition to disposable plastic tableware, we also offer other, more environmentally friendly solutions.


Discover our selection of tableware made of natural materials:


Bamboo tableware

Bamboo is a natural material that grows back quickly and regenerates endlessly. It is therefore not in danger of extinction. Moreover, it is biodegradable and compostable. This makes it an ideal choice for designing plates. Bamboo tableware is one of the main choices for eco-friendly tableware. It is both disposable and reusable. What's more, it is elegant and will perfectly enhance your reception tables. You can even use it occasionally at home.


Wooden crockery

Just like bamboo, wood is a natural material that combines all the advantages of a resistant and design tableware. Although disposable, wooden crockery can be reused a few times before going for recycling. Indeed, this noble material is infinitely recyclable, which limits the environmental impact. We offer various wooden items for restaurateurs: “verrines”, cups, bowls, glasses, salad bowls?


Organic plastic crockery

Bioplastic is a material made from plants. As its name suggests, it is biodegradable and less harmful than single-use plastic. It therefore combines the advantages of plastic with those of eco-design.


Sugar cane

Fully compostable materials include sugar cane or reed fibre pulp. It can be used in cutlery as well as in food packaging for fast food restaurants. It is mainly used in the manufacture of burger boxes and food trays.


Compostable crockery

When zero waste is combined with single use, the result is compostable and, in some cases, even edible crockery. At the end of the meal, you can consume your crockery, so you don't waste anything. Admit it's a tempting idea! Compostable crockery is made from the same organic materials such as wood and bamboo, but there are also models made from beetroot, for example.


Palm tree crockery

The dead leaves of the palm tree are used to design dishes that are just as resistant as those made of wood. You will find a wide range of products in this material such as plates, glasses and cutlery. Palmwood tableware is also distinguished by its elegance and unique style. It is perfect for use in fast-food restaurants or for serving aperitifs.